For Saxophone beginners of all ages...

The Jumpstart Saxophone Course"

Get the "Jumpstart Saxophone" Course and play your first song in less than an hour!

Even if you never held a saxophone before... Guaranteed!

Here's Exactly What you'll Discover Inside:

Learn your first song on the saxophone and be able to play along to a backing track for your own enjoyment or performing for your friends and family.

How to choose and handle your reeds to make them easy to play while avoiding the most common beginners' mistake breaking reeds and costing you unnecessary money.

How to combine the Saxophone embouchure and fingerings in order to play your first 3 notes on your saxophone. B, A and G notes or "B-A-G"...

Play along to a Blues backing track where you'll get started improvising with the notes you've learned so far. A guided introduction where you learn "the secret" to improvising that every beginner should know about...

The 3-step method for finding the correct mouthpiece position to get a good saxophone sound. Also referred to as the saxophone embouchure...

How to assemble your saxophone the right way, without breaking the delicate parts connecting the saxophone body with the saxophone neck and mouthpiece...

The 3 most important things to consider when choosing a beginner saxophone, so that it will be easy to play and handle when you practice your saxophone.

Overall a good and light hearted video course and introduction to playing the most awesome instrument in the world...

The "Jumpstart Saxophone" Course is a 7-part video course with step-by-step instructions.
 The course also includes two backing tracks for download to use for practicing and performing for friends and family.

Course Curriculum

Hi there, I'm Greger.

I'm a Swedish saxophone teacher and online educator.

I started playing saxophone well over 35 years ago and I've got a degree as a music teacher back in 2004 at PiteƄ School of music.

For the past 20 years I've taught close to 1000 students in person how to play the saxophone.  

With this course I'm bringing the same energy and knowledge to you online.


$67 USD

  • 7 video lessons
  • 2 Backing tracks
  • Access 24/7

I'm so confident that you'll be able to start playing your saxophone by following this course I'm willing to give you a full 30 day 100% money back guarantee.

 You've got a whole month to work with these lessons and get started playing and practicing your saxophone.

If they don't help you simply reach out and I'll refund you.